Born in Paris in 1973 and raised in the middle-class suburbs, it's on the clotheslines at the bottom of the garden is Jean-Sébastien Marriage is initiated into the Guitar, long before the transmutation of his BEPC in Black Stratocaster, changed very quickly for the Gibson Les Paul that he has not let go of since.

At 17 and up to his 23, he followed the improvisation workshops of the one he still considers today as his music master, Patricio Villarroel. From his brief visit to the Sorbonne, he studied musicology, he could hardly remember anything except during the lessons of acoustics, listening of recordings of songs of Amazonian Indians or Vatican bells. True musical adventure began - first professional experience at 19 with a dance company, then met Frederick Galiay, bassist with whom he founded Chamæleo Vulgaris, and first concerts under the aegis of Instants Chavirés. He went on to the scenes, then decided that all the same, it would be good for him to do the Concervatoire (sic), since this is where you learn to do concerts: he studied classical guitar for six years , Until the national competition in 2000. There are then twenty recordings and hundreds of concerts, solo or in various formations, stamped with free improvisation, free rock, even free jazz or noise, whose always Hubbub (since 1999, quintet with F. Blondy on piano, E. Perraud on drums, B. Denzler and JL Guionnet on saxophones), Baise en Ville (since 2002, with singer N. Muslera), Wiwili 2003, with X. Charles with vibrating surfaces, H. Gudin on guitar and M. Deltruc on drums), X_Brane (since 2004, with B. Gauguet on saxophones and M. Pontevia on horizontal drums), Suck not your thumb , I have better (since 2006, with D. Chiesa on bass and Mickaël Radke on drums), and Oort (since 2008, on acoustic guitar, with D. Chiesa on double bass) - not forgetting collaborations with Dance (Karol Armitage or Yukiko Nakamura), theater, poetry and the visual arts. In short, a course, it is according to, of purist or monomaniac: there has never been, there is, and there will never, no doubt, only the guitar, That, but knows everything about it - especially what he alone does, of course. That is to say, with authority, to make chaos emerge a matter, whatever it may be to accept it, to accept it even, then conscientiously to work it, to polish it or to fissile it no matter but always to the maximum, and then suddenly make him gorge. Leave the earth. Tear time.